About us

We are homegrownandhopeful and sharing our experiences of growing plants all year round in the sunny south of England.

Were taking care of a 3 acre plot in the Meon Valley of the South Downs National Park. Experimenting, creating, learning and at the end of the day, being hopeful.

We have a vegetable garden inside a large greenhouse, since this land was previously used as a plant nursery, we have a few of these which take up a lot of space. They are around 30years old and slowly collapsing day by day! We’re able to use the areas that are slightly less deadly, and take advantage of that extra heat!

Last summer we installed two 22 metre long polytunnels, one of which is now in full production mode! Were using these to start seeds earlier than usual and house all our young plants, as well as our tropical plants including Moringa and Citrus Fruit.We will be building raised beds throughout spring for plants that will live inside through summer.

On top of the indoor growing, there are a few garden areas, a large lawn and a fruit orchard to keep an eye on! We are working towards a self sustainable future and have many projects planned!

The purpose of this website is to share our experiences, projects and gardening experiments with others along the way, and encourage anybody else to get involved in growing their own if you haven’t begun already, you could certainly learn something from our failures!

Check out our Projects page to learn about our growing areas and gardening goals

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