The path to sustainable living

Find out what inspired us to make the change from city to rural and what projects we're working on


Were doing the research on fertile compost and what plants really need to thrive and survive. But we are taking it to the next level by creating our own elements!

Who would have thought we could grow our own tropical fruits in England! The ability to grab a fresh watermelon on a hot summers day is incredible!

Our new environment which allows use to grow a whole new load of crops! We’re documenting the transformations through the seasons and sharing our achievements and failures on the blog!

Food that we actually can’t keep up with harvesting ! It has lost a lot of glass over the years but still has its own climate that heats well in summer and keeps the majority of harsh weather out.

Beautiful Red Petunias

Every spring we rent a stall at the May bank holiday fete where we sell a variety of homegrown plants that are grown from seed and hardened off in the great British weather. Sharon’s been running this show for a decade now! If you are local to us and are interested in ordering larger quantities in advance, please use our Contact Us page.

For the first time, last year we supplied gorgeous summer hanging baskets for display at the our local pub! We’ve reviewed the project from start to finish, including our top tips for success! SUMMER HANGING BASKETS

We’re continuously putting in the hours to renovate and transform this plot into a paradise of a garden that is sustainable and encourage diversity that will aid a healthy ecosystem. In our blog we will be talking about various projects we’re up to on the land.

We’re currently preparing space to incubate and welcome our first group of Ducks, as well as learning how to become beekeepers!

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First Spring In the Polytunnel

We have been busy for the last couple of months growing our seedlings indoors and transferring them to the tunnel in preparation for various growing projects.

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