Installing the Polytunnels

Summer 2018

Creating a whole new growing environment

Before we went for it and installed the tunnels we did a lot of research and tried to avoid the common fails, but we still had some epic ones including ripping a hole in the plastic!

Luckily for us we already had the steel hoops in the ground as it was used many years ago with the green mesh netting, so it was a case of putting on the plastic and building doors.

Any excuse for a digger!

The Trench Method

The mini digger unearthed a trench all the way around so we could pull the plastic down into the trench and back fill it to keep the whole thing nicely torte.

We first re-enforced the existing door frames with new wood and concreted them neatly in place. An ultimate seal is the goal but also considering ventilation and easy access for wheelbarrows!

Before and After

We purchased our Plastics from FirstTunnels and found them to be of absolute top quality! They provided us with a great service and lots of very useful guidance. We will definitely be using them again in the future.

24th September 2018

The benches were made from recycled pontoon decking from a local Marina! Designed to hold 4 big trays comfortably, we jet washed and got them in straight away!

The Journey Begins

From City to Rural Homegrownandhopeful is the start of a a new chapter in which we said yes to an amazing opportunity to change our life from city to rural. We have taken on a small plot of land in the beautiful South of England where we are growing our own fruit and vegetables, and … Continue reading The Journey Begins

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