First Spring In the Polytunnel

Is very Buzy

Warm temperatures are here as well as the lingering frost and the tunnel is filling up quickly

We have been busy for the last couple of months growing our seedlings indoors and transferring them to the tunnel in preparation for various growing projects.

Growing for the annual Spring plant Sale

Growing Summer Hanging Baskets

Overwintered Plants including Cacti and Citrus Fruits are thriving in the polytunnel environment!

Perennial seeds sown directly in the tunnel in September give us strong and healthy plants the following Spring!

Delphinium Pacific Giants Blue summer seeds are collected and sown in the Polytunnel
Scabious being grown for cut flowers are looking strong and healthy in Feb thanks to their early start!

In March, vegetable seedlings are ready to go outside and to the greenhouse

Sweetcorn seedlings started indoors in February are potted up in April

New seeds that will be transplanted to the raised beds for a hot and humid summer

Seeds of Watermelon and Melon are already being sown in preparation for a season in the new beds!
Tomato plants sown indoors in February were potted up in April

We will be growing a few different varieties of tomato again this year and using different growing methods and locations. We’ll be sharing the results on our blog later!

Two rusty old trolleys from the old greenhouse which we dragged in for extra stacking space!

Two new raised beds in place ready for our First Summer in the Polytunnel!

We can’t wait to see how the polytunnel environment will create new growing opportunities. Many plants we have tried growing outside or in the greenhouse before that just didnt thrive, will be trialled inside.

We used the ‘Hugelkultur‘ method of stacking layers of logs and branches in the base of the bed which will decompose over the years and adding many microorganisms to the soil.

Tropical Plants

We will be giving all sorts of new plants a go in the polytunnel this year but we’re very excited about growing Moringa Tree!

Moringa Sprouting in April

Other fruits that we’re looking forward to growing in the new environment this year include Passionfruit, Melons, Sweet Potato and Hot Chillies!

Follow our blog to see how our new growing area within the tunnel progresses throughout the season. Sharing experiences of the oncoming challenges we will inevitably face including managing the new environment, and the micro climates within it.

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