The Three Sisters

The three sisters beside the banana trees

We Trialled this method and had some interesting results!

The three sisters is a traditional method of companion planting three plants: climbing beans, corn and squash together in the same growing area.

June 2018

The gourd grew over everything and we had to hack it back heavily but it came back for vengeance and grew out of the greenhouse instead!

Two different sweetcorn varieties growing either side of the beans. This was a bad idea, they cross pollinated! The cobs were beautiful to look at but earthy in flavour, not sweet enough and the texture was a bit chewy! Not all of the cobs were effected and the other were really delicious. The yellow ‘Double Standard’ variety being our favourite. Next year we will stick to just the one!

At the top is Painted Mountain and at the bottom is a Double Standard Yellow, others cross pollinated!

The beans eventually grew massively over the bamboo setup, and also made it up some of the sweetcorn. The squash plants started okay but failed mainly because I didn’t put them in til mid summer.

Next Spring we will be sticking to just one variety of sweetcorn to avoid cross pollination!

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