Creating the Ultimate Compost

We’ve been learning about what makes the ideal compost and we are taking it to the next level by creating our own elements!


We were interested in what makes the most fertile soil and how charcoal can help provide a welcoming boost to the garden!

Nutrients are absorbed in the porous charcoal giving an accessible supply to the plants throughout the seasons. We add it to our beds when we turn them over and mulch in Winter, and add it to outdoor planting holes, especially trees. We’re already seeing great results as plants grown in treated areas appear lush and healthier than ever! Were working towards spreading it everywhere in the garden!

Our kiln turns wood into valuable biochar

Composting Garden Waste

We compost whatever we can but mainly use compost bins for green waste and raw food scraps. We are always pulling plants out the garden , pruning bushes, trees, throwing away dead plants, and cutting the lawn, so best put all that to use and add them to the compost bin. Fresh greenery is one really important component to helping the compost heap maintain balance. Having good variety of Green and Brown waste in there will help it breakdown at a healthy speed and keep those wormies happy.

Read our page about creating your own organic fertilisers and pesticides from the garden, for the garden.

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